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She did an awesome job
March 2018 - New York, NY
This was my first booking. I have 2 babies and everything was very unorganized. Diane helped me not just clean up, but also how to keep things organized. While having Diane to help me clean, it felt like we knew other for so long. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. My kids and I loved having us.
December 2017 - New York, NY
Diane was amazing, cleaned our house the way I would've done so and more! She was a pleasure and did everything as requested. Will definitely have her back!!!
November 2017 - New York, NY
Thorough. Recommended.
October 2017 - New York, NY
Great Job
October 2017 - New York, NY
Excellent job
September 2017 - New York, NY
Very polite& thorough, follows instructions well.
September 2017 - New York, NY
This was my first booking with Diane. She was great! The bathroom and kitchen were sparkling! I really liked how thoroughly she cleaned everything.
August 2017 - New York, NY
Diane is the most thorough and exceptional cleaner I have seen. She went out of her way to ensure every (literal) nook and cranny was spotless. Highly recommend!
August 2017 - New York, NY
We just got a new kitchen and our apartment has been covered in construction dust, dirt and debris. It was such a chaotic sight we didn't even know where to start. Diane came in and got to work right away! I thought she was going to regret taking the job when she walked in and saw the chaos but she was totally unaffected by it and just started tackling the windows, floors, surfaces, bathroom, bedrooms etc. She brought her own supplies, she worked fast (no nonsense) and did a very thorough job! I just couldn't believe how much she achieved in just 4 hours! Everything she touched is sparkling! After the stress of this major home renovation and all the dirt and debris and chaos, Diane was an absolute God-send. She seriously loves to clean! She doesn't half-ass it. She's all or nothing and we are so grateful for her help today. She is a rare gem!
August 2017 - New York, NY