What Our Peninsula (SF) Faucets Customers are Saying

Raymi M.
Raymi arrived to fix our faucet with all the required tools and was punctual. He fixed it pretty quickly, he was a pleasure to work with!
Marco A.
Marco was punctual and reliable, provided good feedback on our issue
Earl B.
I am very disappointed with the handy app because even though Earl was a good handyman he had never ever repaired or fixed a faucet before. There was no way he could've fixed the problem that the Faucet had. I did not want to blemish his rating because of an error from Handy. He was able to fix the kitchen faucet because there was no plumbing problem with it, rather the problem was how the faucet was attached to the counter. He admitted he had no plumbing experience. Why did the Handy app proposed this job to him? I would request that I be refunded at least half the amount that I was charged. I had to call an actual plumber to be able to fix the problem that I had.
Carlos C.
Carlos was very professional and efficient & completed a 2hr job in 1 hr. Unfortunately he is a smoker which was noticeable when he arrived
Darin E.
He was wonderful, kind and did a great clean job
Voltaire V.
Voltaire fixed my sinks and I can now brush my teeth again! He even taught me a few things along the way.