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Faced With Actually Having to Make Money, This Startup Did the Unthinkable

11/14/2016 - "November 2016 - "The risk ended up being worth it. The more customer density Handy has in a market, the better its business model works--customer acquisition is cheaper, the greater density of both cleaners and customers makes it easier for both to get appointments they want, and referrals jump as a result. Happier customers means fewer contacts with customer service staff. Happy staff means higher retention and less need for recruitment and onboarding assistance. If Handy hadn't stopped its market expansion, it would not be reaping these benefits today...Handy's economics are looking healthier with each passing quarter." "

Uber-like cleaning company tests New York political messaging

4/21/2016 - "Handy, the web platform that connects customers with house cleaners, is fine-tuning its messaging. In the beginning of March, a pollster employed by the Flatiron-based tech company asked 800 New Yorkers a series of questions designed to help Handy better understand how to communicate with New York policymakers. The idea was “to make sure we were communicating in a clear way why people were choosing to work in a flexible economy,” said Oisin Hanrahan, the company’s CEO."

New Yorkers Say: Flexible Economy Companies Empower Workers

4/21/2016 - "New Yorkers are standing with the flexible economy, according to a new poll commissioned by Handy. The poll, conducted by Global Strategy Group, reveals that public opinion is clear: the flexible economy is good for workers, good for consumers and good for New York. The poll also found that New Yorkers believe that the positive contributions of flexible economy businesses should be recognized, with a majority of respondents wanting the state government to focus on growing technology jobs. An overwhelming number of voters (88%) believe the government should focus on growing and supporting New York based technology companies, like Handy. "

On-demand Cleaning Service Handy Now Allows Customers to Tip Through it's App

11/23/2015 - "In the midst of a nationwide conversation about tipping in restaurants, the housecleaning and handyman app Handy, a rising star in the “on-demand” world, has added a tipping feature on its smartphone app in a bid to make it easier for customers to express their gratitude for a job well done."

We Must Protect the On-Demand Economy to Protect the Future of Work - Op-ed by CEO Oisin Hanrahan

11/9/2015 - "The innovative ideas that have emerged in this sector have created new ways for consumers to obtain the services they need while simultaneously creating great new opportunities for the people who are ready to supply those services. In the case of our platform, Handy, we’ve made it easier for people who need home services (such as plumbing or cleaning) to connect with qualified professionals who provide those services. More importantly, we’re connecting professionals to new opportunities to make money."

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