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Tree Removal Projects and Professionals

If your outdoor space is looking a little crowded or you’ve got a badly damaged tree, removing it yourself can be a tricky and even dangerous task. Call in a professional tree removal service, and they’ll tackle the problem safely and efficiently while preserving the appearance and health of the rest of your yard.

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Tree removal costs

Tree removal costs vary depending on where you live and the size of the tree. Prices start from around $100 but can rise to $1,100 for large trees*, while tree stump removal usually costs extra.


Cost breakdown

Small trees (up to 30 feet)

For smaller varieties of tree, including fruit trees and silver birch, removal can cost between $100 and $300*. 


Medium trees (30 to 60 feet)

The cost of removing a medium-sized tree, such as an elm, from your property can range between $300 and $700*.


Large trees (up to 80 feet)

Tree companies will charge more for removing larger varieties, such as oak trees. Prices can rise to $1,100* if the job is particularly big or complicated. 


Stump removal

Stump removal is not usually included when you ask a tree cutting service to remove a tree from your yard. If the tree is small, you may be able to remove the stump yourself. Average prices for hiring a professional range from $150 for stump grinding to $300 and more for manual extraction*.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?
A professional tree cutting service will be able to assess your tree and identify whether removal is necessary. Warning signs of a dead or decaying tree include leaning, cracks in the trunk and chipped or peeling bark.
Are there any alternatives to removing the tree?
If you want to remove the tree to improve the appearance of your yard or because it’s blocking sunlight to other plants, you might want to hire a tree trimming service instead. They will be able to prune the tree, thinning out branches to let the light through. 
When is the best time of year to remove a tree?
Trees that have been hit during a storm or that are decaying should be removed as soon as you spot the damage. Otherwise, you might risk branches falling onto people, pets, or property. If the problem is less urgent, consider removing your tree during the winter or very early spring, as they can be easier to remove when branches are bare. 
How much does it cost to remove a very large tree?
Removing trees that are more than 80 feet tall is a very complex process, and more costly than removing smaller varieties. The cost can rise to $1,800*, particularly if there are complications such as nearby power lines or pipes. 

*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites

Get Tree Removal Projects and Professionals Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.