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Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen looking tired and dated? Whether you dream of something sleek and modern or simply want to make better use of your existing space, kitchen remodeling is the perfect way to improve the room at the heart of your home. It's your chance to start over, from elegant new lighting to stylish cabinets and countertops. This is a big job, though, and requires a lot of planning and skills, from electrics to carpentry and plumbing. Call in the professionals, and they'll help you through every stage to achieve your dream kitchen.


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If you’ve decided to go ahead with remodeling your kitchen, it couldn’t be easier to find the right experts for the job. Just enter your zip code, answer a few quick questions and you’ll be connected with service providers in your area who can then provide you with free quotes for your project.


Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Costs for kitchen makeovers vary depending on the size of the room and what you want to change. Here's a quick breakdown of some costs to consider:


Hiring a kitchen designer

 Some designers charge by the hour, anywhere from $60 to $200*. They can help you work out what you can afford on your existing budget.



A new kitchen sink alone can cost over $600* to buy and install. Cheaper options include stainless steel, with prices starting from around $150*, while an enameled cast iron sink can cost $1500* or more.



Laminate is a budget-friendly choice at around $50* per square foot but be aware that it can scratch easily. Granite is stronger but can cost over $200* per square foot, while quartz and natural stone come in at anywhere between $100 to $150*. 



Choose your material carefully – at the lower end of the price scale is vinyl at less than $10* per square foot, while ceramic or porcelain tile can cost up to $15* per square foot and high-quality marble can be over $20*.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long do kitchen makeovers usually take?
Remodeling a kitchen is not to be entered into lightly. It can take six to eight weeks if you've opted for a complete kitchen renovation. Many kitchen remodeling companies offer smart solutions that mean you don't have to move out while the work is being completed.
What's the best material for kitchen countertops?
Laminate is cheap, but it can peel or scratch easily, while tiles are similarly inexpensive, but the joints can be hard to keep clean. Granite is pricier but remains a very popular choice because it's so durable and can add more value to your home.
 How much value will my kitchen renovation add to my home?
Remodeling a kitchen is hard work, but rest assured that it will add value to your property. You don't have to spend much to enjoy a return on investment of over 80%. The exact figure depends on factors including where you live, so it's a good idea to contact a local real estate agent to get an up-to-date estimate for your area.
Should I choose a budget kitchen remodel?
It's possible to make your kitchen look great without spending too much money. For example, if your appliances are in good working order, you might want to splash out on some new cabinets or swap out the sink to add a touch of elegant style. Don't rush straight into a full kitchen renovation – think carefully about what you want to achieve, and your budget.

 *Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites  

Get Kitchen Remodeling Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.