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Handy Acquires London-Based Home Services Startup Mopp To Quickly Grow Its UK Business

9/22/2014 - "A few months ago, on-demand home services startup Handy opened up its first international office and launched services in London. In an effort to quickly grow its business there, today the company is announcing it’s acquired local competitor Mopp, which also provides home cleaning services in select U.K. markets. "

Handybook Rebrands As Handy In An Effort To Become Amazon For Home Services

9/16/2014 - "What’s in a name? As it turns out, a lot. That’s the thinking behind Handybook’s decision to rebrand itself simply as “Handy.” The two-year old company, which provides on-demand home services via a web and mobile app, wants to become the definitive brand in the category… and it believes that when it comes to building a brand, shorter is better."

On-Demand Home Services Startup Handybook Hires Amazon Exec Jeff Pedersen To Be Its CFO

9/11/2014 - "Customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of booking services on the web and on their phones, and for that reason companies like Handybook are taking off. It’s for that reason that the on-demand home services startup has decided to hire former Amazon exec Jeff Pedersen as its new CFO."

10 Companies That Are Going to Be Huge

8/7/2014 - "If you live in New York, you’ve likely seen this company’s ads all over the subway. This is just one way that Handybook, an online service that connects its users to top-notch professionals who help get household chores done, is making waves across over 26 cities in the U.S. With more and more professionals wanting to spend time at work and with family, this company is providing a resource that everyone is benefiting from. Get ready to see major growth."

Airbnb Drops Homejoy From Cleaning Trial, Handybook Remains On In Three Test Markets

7/21/2014 - "Earlier this year, Airbnb began testing a cleaning service for hosts that would be offered at a slight discount to traditional maid services they’d book themselves. The idea was to improve the quality of the guest experience while offering a perk to hosts who frequently make their homes available to strangers."

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