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Dilela-xixi gave our apartment and two guys worth of dirty laundry a thorough post-holiday season cleaning. She fluffed and folded everything we could throw at her. Dilela went the extra mile and worked until everything was just so! Thanks, Dilela!
January 2019 - New York, NY
Dilela-xixi did a terrific job of cleaning and organizing our apartment and washing, fluffing and folding our laundry. Now we’re all set for the holidays. Thanks, Dilela.
December 2018 - New York, NY
Dilela-xixi always goes the extra mile to make sure our apartment is clean and organized and our laundry is expertly cleaned, fluffed and folded. She notices everything and brings pleasing order to all the chaos! Guys, accept nothing less! Thanks, Dilela-xixi!
December 2018 - New York, NY
Dilela-xixi not only did a great job cleaning our apartment and doing our laundry, but she also acknowledged and followed all of our instructions and alerted us when she was finished. There is simply no better fluff and fold service around! Thanks, Dilela-xixi!
November 2018 - New York, NY
I really appreciate Dilela-xixi’s service. Sparkling bathroom tiles. Freshly mopped floors. Laundry beautifully fluffed and folded. Personal effects consciously organized. Clean trash and recyclable bins. Many thanks, Dilela-xixi!
October 2018 - New York, NY
It’s always a delight to come home on “Delila Day”! That’s what I call the days she comes to work her magic on our household. She consciously organizes our belongings, dusts, cleans, mops, shines and polishes everything in sight and beautifully fluffs and folds our clean laundry! Dilela is a Handy pro extraordinaire! Thank you, Dilela!
October 2018 - New York, NY
Our Handy pro, Dilela, transformed our apartment. It even smells clean and fresh in the stairwell up to our place! The dishes, floors and fixtures sparkled. Our laundry was perfectly fluffed and folded. She thoughtfully arranged our belongings too. Thanks, Dilela. We look forward to your next visit.
September 2018 - New York, NY
Amazing and thorough. Thank you so much!
September 2018 - New York, NY
We were most pleased with Dilela’s cleaning and intelligent organization of our apartment and belongings. Her fluff and fold service is Handy’s best. Last but not least, we enjoy her warm and friendly energy at the end of a long day. Thanks, Dilela!
September 2018 - New York, NY
I am away from the US for a while, so really do appreciate Delila-Xixi taking 5-star care of my apartment periodically.
September 2018 - New York, NY