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Kara is the best!!!
May 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara-Bree was FANTASTIC! She’s so thoughtful, detail-oriented and international. She went above and beyond and was careful to reorganize in ways that make sense but also completely reset the aesthetic of my apartment (in the best way possible). Hands down she provided truly amazing service!
May 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara was incredible! She is by far my favorite pro!
May 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara-Bree was incredible. This is the best our home has looked in years. She went above and beyond and was great with the general pet mess from a dog that is shedding her winter coat. Absolutely amazing.
April 2021 - Boulder, CO
this was my first booking and Kara-bree was very efficient, organized, thoughtful and friendly.
March 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara-Bree did a great job. Went up and beyond we appreciate her professionalism.
February 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara-bree did an amazing job! She left a detailed note afterwards and simply did awesome work! We were pleasantly pleased! Thank you!
January 2021 - Denver, CO
Good job cleaning everything, but sometimes hard to find things since she moves things around.
January 2021 - Denver, CO
Kara-Bree has great attention to detail. Second time she’s cleaned my house and she did an amazing job again.
December 2020 - Denver, CO
Kara-Bree is great. She is great at communicating with every part of the service and goes above and beyond. Thank you so much Kara-Bree, we appreciate you!
December 2020 - Denver, CO