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Super friendly and awesome. Great cleaning work as well!!
May 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Larry was early, super friendly and did a great job! Would love to have him clean for us again!
May 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Larry is the best and everyone knows it!
May 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
So, you know, life happens fast and things come, and most times they’ll just keep on coming. For months (let’s say more than 12 of them), my roommate and I have tried to get a handle on things (such as life!) enough to at least make a little room in our beautifully disheveled apartment to rest from life things most nights. Yesterday, we got some things (such as 5 minutes of life) together enough to sign up for Handy and got matched with Larry. Larry came with a smile, the utmost respect for our space, and a deep understanding of how much it means to regain a sense of comfort in your own home. He listened to our requests and list of priorities (an embarrassingly grimey tub, bathroom, kitchen, dishes!, countertops, stove, floors, living room, windows, carpet, dusting, piles of books!) and got straight to them so quickly and efficiently that we ran out of things to ask him, “if you have time, could you please...?” He even cleaned places we didn’t even think to ask, like the top of the refrigerator! I ran a bare finger across the surface and could have licked it, I was so ecstatic. And on top of being a wickedly skilled professional through and through, Larry was so thoughtful, courteous, and warm. We would like to recommend him with the highest praise and thanks, and would love to have him come back whenever we need some life things (the ones at home) set straight again.
May 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Larry is so wonderful, he even made our cat’s bed. Every time Larry comes to our house we feel like we won the lottery!
April 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Larry is the best!!! we love him so much. we both feel like we can breathe easier after he's cleaned.
March 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
I cannot express how stunned I felt after Larry cleaned our home. It was like a new house. My housemates and I just walked around speechless. In addition to giving our house the most thorough clean it has ever experienced, Larry took care of every detail from folding the bathroom tissue into a point, to organizing the shelves. He even arranged our fruit bowl, politely rotating a moldy spot outward on an apple, so we could see it and know to get rid of it if we wanted to. He did all of this in an unbelievably short amount of time, and he was incredibly kind and professional. We’re all losing our minds right now. He just blew all of our minds. I can not recommend his work highly enough. Thank you Larry!
February 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Thank you so very much! Larry had spoiled us with his amazing work and wonderful, positive spirit :)
February 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Amazing work! thanks!
January 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA
Larry is just the best. Can'tsay enough good things
January 2018 - East Bay (SF), CA