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Maryse is wonderful! Came home to a beautifully clean and fresh smelling home. Thank you!
December 2018 - New York, NY
If I pay for a 4 hour cleaning and you tell me you’re done after 3 hours and 15 minutes that you are done as you are walking out the door with your coat on, you better have done a thorough job. At the very least you should ask if there is anything else I’d like done, not tell me that I should have only scheduled a three hour cleaning. I asked her to use the remaining time to wipe down the fridge and went to check the rooms I had asked her to clean. There were dust balls under the floating wall cabinet in the hallway and the top hadn’t been cleaned, dust on the bookshelf, stray hairs on the shower walls, grime on the shower curtain, the top of the toilet hadn’t been wiped down, the baseboards still have dust and hardened dirt on them, two other tables on the hall that hadn’t been wiped and I found several areas of the floors with large amounts of obvious dirt. I don’t expect perfection, but some attention to detail and thoroughness would be nice. As it is, I have to go back and finish cleaning the areas she didn’t clean.
November 2018 - New York, NY
Maryse is wonderful – always leaves my apartment looking shiny and clean. A+
November 2018 - New York, NY
Did a great job cleaning out our apartment.
October 2018 - New York, NY
Maryse is consistently great! Thanks for making our home so cozy and clean!
October 2018 - New York, NY
She was so nice! I was working an overnight 24 hour call at the hospital and came home at 730 after not having slept much the night before. My cleaning was from 10-1 and I was passed out until 12. I knew she was there but she let me sleep while she cleaned the livingroom and bedroom. She saved the bedroom for last and I she was so quiet!! It was so nice to get some sleep and wake up to a clean house.
September 2018 - New York, NY
Both Frank and MARYSE were really good. Pleasant and professional. Both worked hard. Thank you Judy Hartz
August 2018 - New York, NY
Maryse is thurough and on time. Total pro and did a great job. The only five star review I would give would be for me cleaning my own place
August 2018 - New York, NY
Maryse did a great job! The house is sparkling clean!
August 2018 - New York, NY
Maryse was great and made my apartment looking shiny and new!
July 2018 - New York, NY