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AMazing job! Very kind Human and really thorough!!
November 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed did a good job with the cleaning, targeting areas we wouldn’t normally clean! I would have him back.
October 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed was wonderful. He helped clean every nook and cranny to ensure we received our full deposit back on the apartment. Highly recommend him!
October 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Amazing service!! Very kind and does a great job
September 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed did an amazing job deep cleaning my home. He has the equipment and products necessary to clean even the most stubborn stains.
September 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed was by far the most thorough cleaner we’ve ever had from Handy on the cleanliness front. He takes immense care and pride in getting out stains, mildew, grout, etc. I was super impressed and grateful for his deep cleaning and positive attitude.
August 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed was phenomenal! He was very thorough and truly went above and beyond. He was also very careful and thoughtful, and very kind. We highly recommend him!
July 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Excellent job as per usual!
July 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohammed was professional and on time. I had a time constraint for him to complete in 2 hrs instead of 3 hrs due to an appt and since it was his first time in our office, we did need to go over things. A few things were missed and I pointed it out, he took care of it. After he left, I didn’t realize the garbage wasn’t all taken out and need to show him where that is. Also the toilets hadn’t been scrubbed with the brush which was in the closet. Our place is already kept clean because of the work we do, so we need someone who will notice the details and be thorough in wiping everything down including cabinets and equipment… overall good for the 1st time.
July 2022 - San Francisco, CA
Mohamed was on time and friendly! He completed the job in the time requested and made sure to show me all areas of the apartment before he left. Very professional!
June 2022 - San Francisco, CA