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July 2021 - Inland Empire, CA
Thank you! Always looks great
May 2021 - Inland Empire, CA
Super great! Very thorough and just super nice!
May 2021 - Inland Empire, CA
Romunda was excellent. Very detailed and efficient. She had our home looking the cleanest it’s been in a long time!
February 2021 - Inland Empire, CA
1.  She had to use Our Vacuum (she had only stick vac herself). 2.  Big-screen TV Screen not  cleaned. 3.  Has Heart Problems (Needed Resting and we didn't give her some things to do because we were concerned for her condition). 4.  She couldn't reach or bend. 5.  Told me, "I used to be able to do this - not so much any more, because of my heart problems". 6.  Floors are only moderately  clean and our shoes stick to them. 7.  Most surfaces cleaned have streaks (kitchen, living room, dining room). 8.  Was panting and sweating profusely by the time she left (we were scared she overworked). 9.  Cleaning product gave landlord/roommate cough. But, PLEASE NOTE: 1.  Nicest, sweetest woman you could ever meet! 2.  Loved her great attitude and perseverance (willingness) to work hard to do the best she could. - Would like a reclean (even if it's only 3 or even 2 Hours) at NO COST TO ME. She was chosen by you, not me. Saturday Feb 6th at 10am would be great. Please confirm. Thank you, Lj
February 2021 - Inland Empire, CA
Great work! Definitely recommend her!
November 2020 - Inland Empire, CA
Romunda was amazing! Very friendly and did a wonderful job and tidied our mess ❤ I hope she'll be available for my next cleaning!
November 2020 - Inland Empire, CA
I was so pleased to see Romunda again and to have her well enough to work. She is such a joy to me!
March 2020 - Inland Empire, CA
My dad really appreciated her services. She was thorough and very quick. Thank you!!
March 2020 - Los Angeles, CA
After trying 2 house cleaners through handy, I’ve finally found one that doesn’t does a great job without much instruction w me. She’s got a rhythm and a method that appears to be consistent. I love not having to wonder if she is going to miss something. She is friendly and punctual. We are glad we found her!
November 2019 - Inland Empire, CA