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Sheena is amazing! Each time I think my home can’t get cleaner, she comes through to show me how I am wrong. I am so lucky to have her on my team!
March 2019 - Atlanta, GA
Sheena completely transforms our house into what it was meant to be. I’m always ecstatic after she comes!
November 2018 - Atlanta, GA
Sheena continues to transform our house every time she comes. Miracle worker!
October 2018 - Atlanta, GA
She was truly outstanding! She did an amazing job and was very pleasant to work with. Could not recommend her more highly!
September 2018 - Atlanta, GA
Provided the best service yet! I'll request her from now on.
August 2018 - Atlanta, GA
My girlfriend advised that she was very professional and when I returned home from work the house was in great condition.
May 2018 - Atlanta, GA
Sheena did a great job with our home. The only reasons keeping her from a five star review was the stairs were not vacuumed well and the product used on our floors left a slight film. Everything else looked wonderful!
March 2018 - Atlanta, GA
She was the best that have came out to my home. I would like for her to clean my home all the time!
October 2017 - Atlanta, GA
This was my second booking with Sheena, so it easy for her to come in and get right to work. My home smells clean and feels comfortable! Next time, I hope she makes sure I know she's leaving so I can thank her.
September 2017 - Atlanta, GA
Sheena was quick and focused. I look forward to having her clean for me again!
July 2017 - Atlanta, GA