From Grease to Gleam:  Unlock the Secrets of Grill Cleaning

By Stella Grenn
August 23, 2023

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Alright, grill masters and food adventurers, let's talk about the epic journey your taste buds take when they meet the grill. We're talking about steaks that practically sing, veggies that dance with char-grilled pizzazz, and seafood that surfs in on waves of smokiness. But amidst all the finger-licking goodness, there's a sneaky party crasher: the mess. Marinade drips, BBQ sauce splatters, and the evidence of a feast well enjoyed. Fear not, because we are geared up to share some seriously savvy grill cleaning tips for flat-top and charcoal grills.


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 flat-top grill

Cleaning Your Flat-Top Grill

Alright, flat-top grillers, let's talk about how to keep that griddle gleaming like a disco ball at a Saturday night dance-off. 


The first rule of the grill-clean game: stay one step ahead. When you spot residue building up while cooking, reach for your trusty bench scraper. It's like a dance move—smoothly scrape that extra stuff into the grease trough, and your griddle will be singing your praises.

Now, picture this: you're at the grill, and your masterpiece is almost ready to dazzle the taste buds. That's the perfect moment to turn off the grill before the food is completely done. Why? Because who wants to return to a stubbornly stuck-on mess when you come back to your grill after that mouthwatering feast?

As the grill cools down to a friendly warmth, it's your chance to grab a towel or a trusty rag and give that surface a wipe-down. It's the routine TLC that keeps your flat-top shining without any fuss.

Now, let's talk seasoning. Grab a high smoke point oil ( psst.. refined avocado oil has the highest smoke point of 480-520°F). Spread it around the grill to keep it ready for the next flavor adventure. Once you've given your grill's surface a generous avocado oil massage, turn the heat back on low to let the seasoning work its wonders. This gentle heat dance helps the oil seep into the grill's pores, creating a natural barrier that wards off stickiness and rust.

Alright, so you're in the mood for a deep clean? No worries, we've got your back. Reach for the natural heroes: mild dish soap, vinegar, or lemon mixed with water. It's like a gentle scrub that says 'out with the gunk, in with the freshness'. But remember, heavy-duty artillery like steel wool or aggressive brushes? They're the uninvited guests at this party.


So there you have it! Cleaning as you go, turning off the grill at just the right moment, wiping it down with care, and showing your grill some seasoning love. And when it's time to go big, natural cleaning solutions are your go-to pals. Your flat-top adventure is all about keeping the sizzle alive, one delicious and spotless cook at a time!


charcoal grill

Cleaning Your Charcoal Grill

Calling all charcoal grill enthusiasts, let's get fired up about keeping that grill in tip-top shape! 


Before you embark on your culinary adventure, you'll want to give your grill a little pre-game clean. Fire it up to pre-heat and wield your grill brush, tackling the entire surface with a satisfying swoop. Then, arm yourself with tongs and a folded paper towel, because it's time to spread some high smoke point oil, like the avocado oil superstar. This isn't just for show—it's like a chef's kiss that primes your grates for greatness.

And remember the golden rule of cleaning as you go? Well, that's your guiding star with the charcoal grill too. Keep that trusty grill brush on hand to loosen debris, so you can grill to your heart's content without the mess piling up.

When it comes to water, it's your ally, but only when your grill is still hot and kicking. A hot grill plus water equals no rusting—cool grill grates, on the other hand, might get a bit grumpy about the unexpected shower.

And folks, let's talk about brushes. We're steering clear of wire brushes, because, according to the CDC, those pesky metal bristles can go rogue and end up in your food, resulting in some not-so-fun health issues. Instead, look for a trusty grill cleaning sponge that comes with a metal scraper or even a steam attachment. 

Sure, the feast is ready, and you're tempted to dive right in, but here's a secret: the moment to clean your grill after cooking is when it's still hot. The heat works like a charm, helping you bid farewell to those burnt-on remnants with a lot less elbow grease.

But wait, there's more! Every now and then, it's time to show your grill some extra love. And that means cleaning every nook and cranny, not just the parts that have a tango with your food. Enter dish soap and steel wool, your dynamic duo for conquering the grill bowl. And don't stress about chemical solvents—with a simple paste of dish soap and baking soda, those grates will go from messy to marvelous. Spread that mixture on your cooled grates, let it work its magic for about 45 minutes, and then, armed with determination, scrub your way to a squeaky clean grill.


So, there you have it! Cleaning isn't just a chore—it's a dance that keeps your charcoal grill grooving and your food sizzling.

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