Get A Cleaning Service To Save your Relationship With your Roommates

By Laura Parker (Blog Writer at Handy)
July 13, 2023

1024 x 576 roommates

You live with roommates. That’s fine. It’s actually very exciting! And maybe you’re a bit of a neat freak. And maybe your roommates could care less (or couldn’t care less). All of a sudden, your used-to-be friends have caused your body temperature to rise to unhealthy levels. One more moment where you’re gazing into the bathroom sink at dry toothpaste, and you swear you’ll lose it. And you don’t want to. A good friend is hard to find these days.


Enter Handy. Handy is an app that makes it easy to find and schedule a professional cleaner in minutes. Just put in the number of rooms and you get a price instantly. The best part - payment, scheduling and chatting with Cleaning Pros is all managed through the app.


Here are five reminders of why you desperately need a cleaning service to maintain a healthy relationship with your roommates:

1. This Over-Stuffed Garbage Can with 5-10 Folded Amazon Boxes shoved between it and Wall.

We are all familiar with this garbage can. Bursting at the seams. When the garbage can was last emptied 2 weeks ago, one of your room-mates threw out some raw chicken in it, and the entire apartment has smelled like an alleyway since. No amount of CBD citronella candles will mask this. It’s so full now that none of your roommates will touch it and it’s driving everyone closer to insanity. Let a professional take care of it. Get the Handy app.


2. The Sink Full of Dishes

When you and your room-mates were hunting for an apartment and walked through, you fell in love. Everyone would get their own room. Everyone was only sharing a bathroom with one other person. And the square footage! For an apartment in this area? Wow! The only thing it was missing was a Dishwasher. But, as is the case with most things in life, you simply can’t have it all. So you signed on the apartment anyways. Everyone said “I totally have no problem just hand-washing dishes” and everyone was lying. Your sink fills with dishes every day now, and no one in the apartment has the willpower or time to clean it up. Get the Handy app.


3. Toothpaste Bathroom Sink

The aforementioned dried toothpaste sink of your nightmares. It would take literally 3 seconds for your roommate to give the sink a splash of water when they’re done brushing their teeth to leave it clean for everyone else. But this is simply still too much to ask. Before you kill them (figuratively), get the Handy app.

4. Pasta Sauce Stove

One of your room-mates that has never showed an interest or aptitude for cooking decided to make home-made pasta sauce with their significant other in your kitchen. Cute!


They thought this would be good for their relationship, and maybe it was. But that doesn’t concern you. The only thing that does matter is that they left their split sauce to dry on the stovetop. A red mess. You don’t want to live with this anger in your heart for your roommate -- find a  Pro on Handy to clean everything up for you.


5. Your general mess of a living room

Your living room is a common space, and when you moved into this apartment originally, you made it the perfect place to entertain. Your roommates bring over friends because it’s such a nice setup -- some even stay the weekend on your couch! And that’s ok with you! It’s good to meet new people! But after weeks and weeks of this, Goldfish crumbs stay in the rug because no one owns a good vacuum. Hint of Lime tortilla chips fall out of bags and live under the couch. Too much foot traffic has moved the rug across the room. What was once a beautiful living room is now back to looking like your college house. You’re better than this. Keep it always looking perfect -- get the Handy app.


Remember, these are your friends - and you want them in your life when you move out. Or maybe they’re not and you don’t. But you don’t have time for passive aggressive texts or the power struggles that emerge from the doomed “roommate cleaning schedule” that never catches on. Get Handy and hire a cleaning professional. 


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