The Five Part Guide on How to Remove Sticker Residue

By Laura Parker
July 13, 2023

How to get sticker residue off of any surface imaginable!

Have you ever tried to remove a sticker label from the back of a book or a new product you just bought? It’s frustrating, because it never comes out cleanly – there always seems to be stubborn sticker residue that is next to impossible to pick off.

Sticker residue is as an ugly blemish and to add to the annoyance, can even feel gluey to the touch. But don’t let frustration get the best of you and attack the sticker residue by scraping with a metal blade or putty knife. These sharp tools could easily scratch the underneath surface and do permanent damage to your item.

Instead, this article will detail exactly how to remove sticker residue without damaging the surface underneath. No matter what surface you’ve found sticker residue on, we have the simple steps to get sticker residue off!

How to get Sticker Residue off of Plastic, Wood, or Metal

It’s tough to know exactly what cleaning substances can be used on plastic, wood, or metal without damaging the surfaces. Most cleaning agents are abrasive and could leave permanent marks on these materials, so it is best to be careful.

Skip the risk and instead soak the location of the sticker residue in vegetable oil for a few hours. Next, use a hair dryer on a warm setting (don’t set it too hot) and soften the glue as best you can. Now, you should be able to just wipe the residue off.

If that works, just scrub the area one more time with a cloth dipped in hot soapy water and you’re all set.


How to Remove Sticker Residue from Walls

Did taking off wall decorations leave conspicuous sticker residues? Sometimes you are left with a nasty surprise when you remove your decorations – the old sticky substance used to hold the decoration to the wall stays put!

Don’t fret. First, remove as much of the sticker you can with just your fingers and nails. Then, find an eraser and give the spot a hard rub to dislodge even more residue. Finally, dip a cloth in hot soapy water and scrub.

This process should get the wall completely residue free. If not, keep working with the hot soapy water to get the rest of the residue off.


How to get Sticker Residue off of Windows

Stickers on windows is commonplace when you have kids eager to slap stickers onto any surface. Removing those stickers, however, is a pain. They almost certainly will leave an ugly mark on the window if you don’t treat it properly.

Definitely don’t attempt to scrape it off with a knife or other sharp object, as you need to stay delicate to avoid scratching the glass. Instead, get the residue wet with a damp cloth or a spray bottle and cover with some nail polish remover.

Rub the glue and the sticker residue should come straight off! Finish the job by doing a hot water scrub to remove any remaining residue.


How to Remove Sticker Residue from Jars

Jars are extremely versatile, and you probably have plenty of them all around the house. However, they are susceptible to ugly sticker residue marks standing out on an otherwise transparent vase.

If that’s the case, you can simply find a large enough container and fill it up with – you guessed it – hot soapy water. Submerge the jar completely and let it soak for 30 minutes. When you take the jar out, the sticker residue should have dissolved and slid off cleanly.

If that’s not the case, scrubbing with a cloth dipped in vinegar should remove sticker residue completely.


Final Thoughts on Removing Sticker Residue

Congratulations! You now are an expert in sticker residue removal, having learned how to get sticker residue off of just about any surface. The next time your kids accidentally go on a sticker spree, you’ll know exactly what to do. Ho,pefully these tips and tricks help you clean all that sticker residue. Thanks for reading!

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