Handy Announces the Rise of Do-It-For-Me Among Millennials

By Laura Parker
July 13, 2023

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Handy, the leading home services platform, has been a pioneer in bringing cost-effective convenience and expertise to its customers since its founding in 2012. One of the biggest trends that Handy has seen recently is a marked shift in consumer preferences away from “do it yourself” (DIY) and towards “do it for me” (DIFM).

While most flat-pack furniture sold online still ships unassembled, Handy has found that there is a sizable market of consumers who are willing to pay for the convenience of professional assembly.


It has become much easier to buy furniture at the click of a button as more of the category goes online, however not all customers are thrilled with the trade-offs of self-assembly.

“The days of walking into a showroom and walking out an hour later with a fully-assembled piece of furniture loaded onto your truck are coming to an end,” said Handy’s Associate Director of Strategy Xavier de Gracia. “Today, the purchase process usually means waiting to receive a box of unassembled pieces at your door a few weeks later.”


“While there are many who are still willing to DIY to save money, we’ve found that there also exists a huge market of millennials who prioritize convenience and experience above all else. They are instead saying “do it for me.” And thanks to the network of independent contractors that use Handy to find work, we’re able to connect consumers to assembly experts at an affordable price,” added de Gracia.


One recent customer left a review for her pro, writing, “[They] were both friendly and professional. The job was a difficult one, with a 45-page instruction booklet! But they did a perfect job.”


Due to this trend, furniture assembly has been one of Handy’s fastest growing verticals, alongside more traditional services like cleaning services and housekeeping.


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