Handy Announces Successful 3rd Annual “Lend A Hand” Event

By Handy Blog Team
January 11, 2024

Lend a hand 2018

Handy, the leading home services platform, today announced that its third annual Lend A Hand event was held last month in Jackie Robinson Park in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City.


“Lend A Hand is a volunteer event that gives Handy employees and the independent professionals who use Handy the opportunity to team up to tackle a community service project together. We partnered with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for the third year in a row for our project, which was to clean up and mulch over 150 public street trees,” said event organizer Madison Jones.


One of the biggest advantages of Lend A Hand, beyond just giving back to the community, has always been the forum it provides for pros and employees to exchange ideas. And with the number of pros who participated this year nearly reaching 100, there was certainly no shortage of ideas.


“We probably learn more about what’s working and not working in our app in that single day than we would in an entire month of normal user testing and interviews,” said Senior Product Manager Adam Merber. “It’s a chance for pros and engineers to interact directly with one another and talk about bugs, favorite features, feature wishlists, and more.”

As Handy continues to grow, building the best possible experience for pros offering their home services through the platform, including cleaning services and housekeeping, is of paramount importance.


When asked if she was looking forward to next year’s event, Product Designer Molly Jaffe had this to say: “Absolutely. If there’s a better way to understand if our product is working well for pros than hanging out with them all day, we certainly haven’t found it yet!”


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