Handy + HomeAdvisor + Angie’s List

By Oisin and Umang
January 11, 2024


We’re thrilled to officially announce that Handy is now a part of ANGI Homeservices (Nasdaq: ANGI), the world’s largest home services marketplace including brands like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List. While this is a big milestone for us, we believe this is just another step in Handy’s journey, and we’re excited to join ANGI Homeservices to bring the Handy experience to millions of more customers. 


Over the last six years, it’s been incredible (and a little surreal) to see Handy go from an idea to a service used by tens of thousands of customers and professionals every month. Thanks to an incredible team we’ve been very fortunate to build, we’ve managed to take a simple but powerful idea - that booking home services should be as easy as buying products - and turn it into reality. Today, nearly everyone in the U.S. can instantly book Handy services, with millions of bookings (and counting) completed on the Handy platform. We feel privileged to have served our customers and are grateful to all the professionals that have trusted the Handy platform to find work. We’re also grateful to our partners, which include some of the world’s largest retailers and platforms, who decided Handy is the best way to help their customers buy services. 


With $400 billion spent on home services in the US alone, the market is huge, growing, and still at the early stages of moving online. Being a part of ANGI Homeservices allows us to offer our customers an integrated, exhaustive suite of services and deliver the best experience possible to them. It gives professionals the ability to reach even more customers and offer their services in additional ways. We’ll also continue to invest in our partner strategy – building tools and experiences that take their retail experience to the next level.


We would not be where we are today without the Handy community. Building something meaningful is hard, and it’s difficult to express the gratitude we feel to so many people. From investors who have supported us along the way, to the team – past and present – who are some of the smartest, most passionate and dedicated people in the world, and to our families and friends who have supported our moments of madness. Finally, a tremendous thank you to customers and professionals who have trusted us and allowed us to serve them. 


We started Handy with an idealistic vision of providing ‘Every Service to Every Home,’ and we believe combining forces with ANGI Homeservices will rapidly accelerate us towards that vision. 


We’re both more excited than ever about the next stage of Handy’s growth. 


Thank you.

Oisin & Umang

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