Snow Removal: How to Shovel Snow!

By Laura Parker
July 13, 2023

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Keep Yourself Safe In The Wintery Cold

Unfortunately, it’s not getting warmer any time soon as winter is in full gear this time of year. In fact, snow in the early months of the year is plentiful and certain to happen. It is important to be proactive and ready for snow removal when the snowstorm hits your town.

Preparing for snowy days and combating snowy conditions on the ground are two very important skills to have. In this article we will discuss how to shovel snow as well as the many different methods of snow removal.


De-ice with Table Salt Straight from the Kitchen

Before the snowstorm hits, sprinkle some table salt on your car windshield and rub it over the windows sparingly. Too much salt will damage your surfaces, but just enough salt will keep the overnight frost away.


Defrost With Some Rubbing Alcohol

Raid your medicine cabinet and use a rubbing alcohol spray to defrost icy windows and prevent fogging. Wipe off with a towel and admire the shiny finish after. No rubbing alcohol? No problem. Clear alcohol like vodka, gin, or rum works just as well for deicing purposes.


Prepare By Covering Up

Ensure a speedy morning commute by preparing a great snow removal method the night before. Drape a plastic tarp of canvas over your outdoor car, porch, step, and walkways. Ripping apart large plastic trash bags will do the trick too. In the morning, simply drag the snowy tarp off of the surface and shake it off in your yard.


Salt Everything

If you need to know how to shovel snow beyond the basics, salt is your friend. Ice lurking underneath your snow can be melted quickly by sprinkling salt where needed. If salt is hard to find, use this ice melting alternative. Mix together 1 teaspoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, ½ a gallon of water into a bucket and pour where the ice is. It works just as well as salt!


Shovel Comfortably

If you complain about back problems after spending a couple of hours shoveling snow outside, consider a snow shovel upgrade. Chances are, the cheap grocery store shovels do not work as well when it comes to protecting your back. Instead, upgrade to a more professional model online and keep the strain off your back. Professional shovels will make it much easier for breaking up ice on the ground too.


Use That Kitty Litter

Surprisingly, sprinkling kitty litter on icy surfaces is a great way to regain traction for your tires. Kitty litter will save the day if you need extra traction to pull out of a snow drift and will prevent you from getting your car stuck in the first place. If you don’t own cats and have no use for kitty litter, sand and birdseed work just as well.


Bust Out The Leaf Blower

If you have a leaf blower for the fall season, who says you can only use it to blow leaves? Take out that leaf blower for light fluffy snow. It is a fast and easy snow removal method when you are trying to clean a small accumulation of snow off the driveway.


Socks Over The Shoes

Figuring out how to shovel snow includes making sure you protect yourself from injury. If you are spending your day shoveling snow off of the walk path or driveway, don’t fall prey to icy pavement. Wearing an additional pair of socks over your shoes will give you the extra traction you need when shoveling snow off of icy pavement.


Be Safe And Have Fun

Snowy conditions do not have to be dangerous and can be very fun instead. Learning the best methods for how to shovel snow can make the once arduous task of snow removal into a fun activity. Big snowstorms are valuable memory-making time for your children so plan ahead and be ready for safe snow removal. Spend your time making snowmen with your kids and have a great time.

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