The Must Have Cleaning Supplies!

By Laura Parker
July 13, 2023

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The Must-Have Cleaning Supplies of 2018

Everyone knows how much of a pain cleaning can be, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Here are the must-have cleaning supplies of 2018 that you can stock up on before the next (or first) cleaning. Even Handy users or readers can stock up on these before they go in and do a deep clean themselves!


Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Because let’s be real, the bathroom can always use a nice, deep cleaning and that can only be accomplished with the best cleaning tools there are.

We all know how the surfaces in your home can hold onto germs like nobody’s business. To get rid of those germs, you can use disinfecting wipes to wipe away 99.9% of the germs from your countertops or door handles. These wipes are generally cheap in price, but very effective at their job of disinfecting.


Cleaning the toilet bowl is often very tricky, we recommend you use a great toilet bowl brush and a cleaning solution made specifically for the toilet bowl. Using the brush, you will twirl the cleaning product around the bowl getting rid of nasty stains and rings around the bowl, then you simply flush the product down the toilet. You can also purchase a bleach cleansing tablet to go into the tank of the toilet, which will re-clean the toilet after every flush.


When cleaning your tub, use a soap scum & grime cleaning solution to get rid of the haunting ring around the tub and make bath-time much more enjoyable. For this kind of solution, you usually spray it onto the troubled areas of your tub, wait about ten minutes, then rinse it off with either a sponge or the shower head.  If you don’t have a tub but have a dirty shower instead, you can use a shower cleaning solution that works similarly to the soap scum & grime solution for the tub.


 For the pesky tile floors, try using a steam mop to make sure that the messes between the tiles are no more. A steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect the floors. What’s a bathroom without streak-free mirrors? To clean your mirrors, use a good quality glass cleaner to see yourself in a new way, streak-free. The more window cleaning

These bathroom cleaning supplies, along with an abundance of paper towels and sponges, will have your bathroom spotless in no time!


Bedroom, Living Room & Common Area Cleaning Supplies:

The spaces you entertain in the most, should be the cleanest, right?

If you’re in need of polishing and perfecting your every-day furniture, trust furniture wipes to do the job. These wipes prep and polish even the oldest pieces of furniture into shining works of art. Available in many different scents, most floor cleaners will make those floors shine and smell amazing. This type of cleaner is generally used on hardwood floors but could also be used on tile floors if your heart desires.


No hardwood floors in the house? Trust a stain and odor removing solution to help get those gross stains and odors out of the carpets. Whether it be the dog peed on the carpet or it just smells musty in the home, this kind of solution will allow you to breathe happy again.


Worry no more about the hard-to-reach places, as with most dusting kits and brushes, you are able to go beyond and dust in the places you’ve never been able to reach before. Have tricky area rugs you need to deep clean? Use a combination of a great powered vacuum and scented carpet cleaner to bring your living room or bedroom back to life. By using a scented carpet cleaner, once the rug is vacuumed there is a pleasant, fresh smell left behind such as a Hawaiian Breeze or Clean Linen. These types of living space cleaning supplies will have your home ready to entertain till the cows come home. 


Kitchen Area Cleaning Supplies:

Because no one ever wants to cook or eat in a dirty kitchen.

To get rid of those streak marks and fingerprints left behind by curious children, try a stainless-steel cleaning solution to thoroughly clean all of your appliances and not damage your appliances. Keep your counters clean and your family healthy with a multi-surface disinfecting solution. These kinds of solutions allow for the home to not only appear cleaner but to also get rid of those germs floating around.


No one likes a dusty kitchen, try a set of dusting wipes to wipe away stubborn dust and have your kitchen feeling clean again. All of these products will have your kitchen ready to cook in, and no one will ever have to worry about the mess! 


The majority, if not all, of these products, can be found at your local cleaning supply store or any major retailer. Whether you’re in search of bathroom cleaning supplies, bedroom/living room cleaning supplies, kitchen area cleaning supplies or simply cleaning supplies in general, these cleaning tools are guaranteed to make your cleaning experience much easier and cleaner.


We recommend these products to ensure a clean home filled with a healthy family. Next time you go shopping, make sure you add these cleaning supplies to your cleaning supplies list! Good luck and happy cleaning!

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