Easy Halloween Decorations for Halloween 2018

By Laura Parker
March 14, 2019

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It's that time of year again when the trick-or-treaters are going to be visiting your house, and everyone is in the spooky Halloween spirit. The other lawns in your neighborhood may have their decorations already put up, and you're feeling a little behind.


Not to worry, here are some very easy Halloween decoration ideas that are sure to put some fear in your neighbors and those upcoming candy-craving guests.


People find the outside of your house a little too welcoming? Try these Halloween decorations to “scare” them off:

  • Take a break from raking your yard and let those crunchy fallen leaves cover the ground! You can leave an old pair of boots with the toes sticking out of a pile leaves and spook your littler neighbors with the “dead body”  in your yard. The best part of these types of outdoor Halloween decorations, THEY’RE COMPLETELY FREE!


  • If your yard has trees, run to the craft store and spin some yarn spider webs into the lower hanging branches. This is a very cheap yard decoration and takes hardly any work. If you're determined, you can go to the next level by placing some spiders and their "prey" inside the web.


  • Never underestimate the power of a tombstone. You can find inexpensive tombstones at your nearest arts and crafts store. The best way to use a tombstone to scare the neighborhood is to stuff a long-sleeve shirt tucked into a pair of stuffed jeans to make the mirage of a dead body. Place the dummy on its back lying down in front of the tombstone to create a terrifying optical illusion for those passing by. 


  • This project is for the die-hard fans of Halloween, but it's actually a very easy Halloween decoration will turn your yard decorations from "cute-scary" to "ghastly-scary." Park your car in the middle of the yard and paint the windows in a way to make the windows look cracked, and place a dummy (like the spooky one from above) inside the car with its hands pushing against the window in an attempt to escape. A scary but effective window decoration!


  • Your front porch needs Halloween decorations too. An oldy but a spooky is to sit a life-sized scarecrow on an extra chair you can put out. It doesn’t have to be a scarecrow, we’ve seen werewolves, vampires, goblins, even alarmingly realistic humans guarding porches and scaring multiple victims this October.


Get the interior of your house dressed up to scare with these easy indoor scary Halloween decorations:

  • If you have old sheets, cut rips into them and have them cover your living room furniture. Climb up the scare-o-meter by smearing them with some fake blood. Just make sure the fake blood completely dries to avoid staining your furniture and guests.


  • Remember those fake spider webs you made in the branches of your trees? Use them also to cover your bookshelves and give your house that haunted house feel.


  • This is probably the most fun of all the Halloween decorations. Merely place specimen jars all over the house. Take some glass jars, fill them with water and add blue or green dye to make that gross mad-scientist color we've all seen in horror movies. For what to trap in the jars, it's dealer's choice! You can use an old child's toy, artificial brains, and eyes, the arm or leg of an old doll; it can be anything as long as it makes you feel spooky!


All of these easy Halloween party decorations are simple but are sure to instill a bit more fear into your neighbors and guests!! Enjoy this Halloween and stay safe!

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