Holiday Decoration Ideas

By Laura Parker
March 14, 2019

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Make Your Home Ready for the Holidays!

Breathe a sigh of relief–it’s the holiday season again. It’s time to entertain friends and family, so of course, your home has to look the part. If your well of holiday decorating ideas has run dry, we’re here to help. Make your home pretty and welcoming and bask in the happiness that you create!


Indoor Holiday Decoration Ideas

Take a look at these great holiday decorating ideas for your home. Spread the happiness with a friendly holiday atmosphere within your own house. Holiday decorations are only as festive as you make them, so get to work!


Spice up the Dining Table

The holidays are a great time to decorate things that get overlooked most of the year. Your dining table could use a beautiful tableau of candles, holiday ornaments, and greenery to celebrate the happy occasion. It can serve as a daily reminder that the holidays are the happiest time of the year. 


Decorate the Chandelier

Your chandelier probably doesn’t get much love most of the year either, but it’s actually a great object to start decorating. Attach a few ornaments, string, or green foliage and you’ve got yourself a welcoming light fixture for the holidays.


Do-It-Yourself Projects

Sometimes, your own decorations can be the most meaningful. Turn your holiday decoration ideas into a family event and score some amazing arts and crafts in the process. All you’ll need is access to some basic crafty things–colored paper, scissors, string–and whatever else you need you’ll be able to find at your local arts and crafts store.



Outdoor Holiday Decoration Ideas

You’ll want to show the outside world that it’s the holiday season too. Luckily, the outdoors is a much larger canvas to work with. Focus on your door, porch, and windows and you’ll soon have a sight to behold.


Holiday Lights

Stringed lights are almost a holiday tradition. Running a few stringed lights around your house or your porch will give you a beautiful nighttime view. Have a pattern in mind when you start so that when the lights turn on, your house will look great.


Holiday Greens

Nothing says “it’s the holidays” quite like some evergreen wreaths. They can go anywhere–on your door, on your window, on top of your garage, etc. Tired of wreaths? Holiday garlands look just as nice and can accentuate your front door nicely. 


Decorate the Mailbox

The mailbox is a great place to put your artistic juices to work. Grab some fancy string and beautify the mailbox post or cover it in a festive garland. Wrap it in a bow for a nice final touch and wait for compliments from your mailman.


Window Ornaments

Think of your windows as a blank canvas just waiting for you to decorate. It’s the perfect place to put a wreath or to place a holiday banner. Better yet, design your own ornament to hang in your window for everyone to see!


Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you’re trying to save money for the holidays, that’s no excuse not to decorate your home. Just get creative. Plan a family arts and crafts day to decorate the house in beautiful homemade crafts or find objects at home like jars or and pots that you can turn into cute holiday decorations.


Go outside and bring home some pine cones and clip off some green foliage while you’re at it. You don’t need to break the bank to make your home look ready for the holidays


Final Thoughts

The most important thing about your holiday decorations is that they make you happy. These holiday decorating ideas are only meant as suggestions and are open to interpretation. Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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