4 Tips On How To Get Rid Of House Flies

By Laura Parker, Expert Blog Writer at Handy
March 14, 2019

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Put an end to the House Fly Home Invasion

Does your home have a problem with house flies? Did you accidentally leave food outside and attracted a few house flies overnight? Getting rid of house flies takes more than a few lazy swats. In this article we will learn exactly how to kill house flies effectively.

First, we need to understand that house flies are not harmless. They may be common yet unwanted guests at barbeques or summer nights, but their presence is more than just annoying. House flies can carry and spread filth and disease. It is better to take control of the situation before it escalates into an infestation.

As an added incentive to take control of your situation now, house fly life cycles lasts about 2-3 weeks. It does not take very long for their maggots to hatch and begin infesting their surroundings.


How to Get Rid of House Flies: Prevention

The first step in learning how to get rid of house flies is always prevention. You want your home to be an environment that house flies find unattractive. That means cleaning and sanitizing your home regularly and keeping your yard tidy too. Make sure there are no problems with your doors and window screens so that house flies cannot penetrate into your home easily.

It is important to practice putting your food away when you are done eating. In addition, eliminating potential breeding areas is the most important action in curbing an infestation and getting rid of house flies.

This means regular garbage cleaning and making sure your trash bins have tight-fitting lids. Check your drainage systems too, as moist atmospheres provide lovely breeding grounds for house flies.


How to Kill House Flies Indoors

If you have finished with preventing a house fly infestation from taking hold, it’s now time to turn your attention to the gaggle of house flies that have already made it in. The most thorough way is to call a professional fly control service but there are other methods you can try as well.

1) Pick up some flypaper at your local grocery store. Getting rid of house flies is simple with this product and you are almost certain to attract lots of flies onto the paper.

2) Make a DIY soda bottle trap. Find an empty two-liter soda bottle and cut the top third off using a sharp knife. Add sugar water (or a similar sweet liquid) into the bottom of the bottle and flip the top piece upside down into the opening of the bottom half. You’ll attract flies into the sweet liquid and they won’t be able to find their way out.


How to Kill House Flies Outdoors

It may be that your outdoor garden is what is attracting house flies that eventually make their way into your home. Preventing the house fly invasion means properly closing windows and cleaning your garden regularly, but there are also a few garden plants you can use as natural fly repellent. Plant these in your garden and you may find a natural way of getting rid of house flies!

1) Basil can survive in any climate and pretty easy to maintain.

2) Bay leaves grow well in the summer and can even be brought inside as repellent too.

3) Grow mint near windows and other openings to your home to repel away flies, ants, and even mice.


Final Thoughts

Though house flies can be an annoying presence in your home, they are fairly easy to take care of. In general, keeping a clean home is all the repellent you need to keep those house flies at bay. It’s healthy to live in a clean environment, so you might want to treat an infestation as a wake-up call.


Knowing how to get rid of house flies is important for those times where a few flies find their way into your home. It only takes one pregnant fly to start an infestation so it’s good to pounce on the problem early.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on how to kill house flies. We hope your problem goes away swiftly!

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