Roach Extermination 101: Effective Strategies to Eliminate Cockroaches

By Handy's Premier Research Team
July 13, 2023

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When it comes to home challenges, finding roaches in your space has to be one of the worst experiences. It’s no fun knowing you have an infestation issue on your hands! With that said, pest problems can easily be solved. Keep reading to find the best solutions to squashing a cockroach conundrum.


Call the Exterminator

First of all, there’s no reason why you should have to fight this insidious army on your own. The easiest way to get rid of a roach problem is by letting an exterminator take the lead! At the first sign of roaches, it’s important to call an exterminator ASAP. Even if you’ve only noticed one or two, you can bet there’s more where those came from. Handy can connect you will local professionals to provide you with peace of mind and a bug-free home. Click here to get a quote.

Go the Natural Route

Exterminators aren’t your thing? If you insist on taking an alternative route, there are ways to solve this problem without heavy chemicals. Here’s a tip: mix equal parts cocoa powder and diatomaceous earth together - about one cup each. Diatomaceous earth is a clean and safe pesticide that can be easily found in a variety of stores. Simply sprinkle this mixture wherever you’ve seen roaches, and they’ll be sure to scatter.

See What’s In Your Pantry

If you don’t have time to head to the store, the solution may be sitting in your cabinets! Believe it or not, a small cockroach problem can often be erased by simply combining sugar and baking soda. Add equal parts of these home staples in a bowl and place it where you’ve seen the offenders roam. They’ll be lured in by the sugar, but won’t stand a chance with the baking soda. Quick note: If you have free-roaming pets, it’s best to try the other options on this list!

Plan a Set-Up

Another way to get rid of roaches is by utilizing different forms of traps. Roach traps and bait come in several different forms, such as glue strips, gel bait, and bait stations. These methods are likely the most convenient and the least messy of all the options listed. For one, these supplies can be found practically anywhere. Two, setting up and cleaning up takes barely any effort! Drastic measures may be necessary if you have a big roach issue; however, this is a popular plan for residents with small-scale pest problems.

Take Preventative Measures

The only way to avoid roaches altogether is by taking preventative measures on a consistent basis. Generally speaking, this means keeping your space clean and crumb-free at all times! These pests seek out accessible particles of food and damp, dirty spaces. If you keep your home free of these attractors, roaches will have no reason to be there!


Handy is always here to help keep your home in the best shape possible. By implementing affordable cleaning plans, you’ll give roaches the hint that there’s no occupancy available in your home. Start your home cleaning journey with Handy here.

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