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Central A/C Repair Projects

Central air conditioning is vital if you live in a hot climate, but it requires regular maintenance. If your conditioning unit is failing to supply cool air to your home, is making a worrying noise or you have noticed it is just not working as efficiently as it used to, then it is time to call a central air conditioning repair service. They will be able to diagnose and fix the problem, giving you peace of mind and a cool, comfortable home.

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Central air conditioning repair costs 

The cost of central air unit repair depends on the severity of the problem. Basic maintenance, such as replacing a filter start from around $70* while duct repair work can run to $500*. 

Types of central AC repair

Refrigerant leak

This is a relatively common problem with central air conditioning units but still requires a professional to fix at a cost of $225 to $1,000 or more*.


Fan repairs

The fans in your central AC unit are essential for allowing cool air to travel throughout your home. It can cost up to $260 to replace a fan motor on the indoor condensing unit and up to $350 to replace one on the outdoor condensing unit*.


Replacing the compressor

This is one of the most expensive repairs your air conditioner will require and can cost more than $1,500*.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my air conditioning unit serviced?
Have your central air conditioning inspected once a year, even if you don't think there are any problems. This can help your unit last longer and run more efficiently. You should also find a professional to inspect the ductwork in your home at least every five years, to avoid costly repairs in the future. 
What would it cost to have my central air conditioning replaced?
The cost of replacing a central air conditioning unit is much more costly than repairs. Prices can range from $3,750 for a new unit to $10,000 or more if extensive ductwork is required*.
How can I keep my AC unit running efficiently?
As well as scheduling regular maintenance every year, there are some things you can do to ensure your central air conditioning unit functions properly. Always keep filters and fan blades clean and make sure your thermostat is set to the right temperature – 78 degrees is usually recommended. Constantly changing the temperature will use more energy and stop your house remaining consistently cool. 
What should I look for in a central air repair service?
Central air conditioning is an essential part of your comfort and safety, so it’s important to choose the right contractor to carry out your repairs. Check that they are licensed by your state and that they carry liability insurance – you might also want to ask about warranties and guarantees on their labor and the parts they supply. 

 *Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites

Get Central A/C Repair Projects Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.