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Home Inspection

House inspections can cover anything from the condition of the homes heating system to foundation and structural integrity of the home. There is no doubt that home inspections are important. 


Why would you need a house inspection? The most common reason to call home inspectors is when you are purchasing a house, and you want all the information on the house upfront before you make your decision.


This could potentially save you from buying a home that looks nice but has problems you cannot see. For example, home inspectors pay closer attention to things like roofing issues and electrical layouts. Having this information before you agree to buy a home can impact your decision.

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House inspection cost

What are some of the average home inspection costs? Here is a look at some of the numbers. 


Average home inspection cost 

People typically pay $315* for home inspection services, although this can rise to $400* for large homes or fall to $200* for smaller homes and apartments.


Asbestos testing

This is not usually a worry for newer homes, but if you are buying an older property, you could spend $400-$800* ensuring it is asbestos-free.


Radon testing

A radioactive gas found in homes across North America, radon moves up from the ground and is caused by the breakdown of uranium in soil, water and rocks. It is not always included as part of a home inspection and may add $100-$200* to the cost. 


Mold testing

The cost of removing mold is high, so it is best to have the problem identified sooner rather than later. Homeowners typically pay $820* to have their property thoroughly checked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will fail a home inspection? 
The most common things home inspection companies find that will cause you to fail your home inspection are roofing issues, leaks, missing shingles, electrical issues (frayed wiring, not up to code) as well as non-working water heaters. 
What is covered in a property inspection? 
A property inspection done by home inspection companies gives you the information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing a house. Home inspections are also done to prevent accidents and injuries. 
Who should pay for a home inspection? 
Typically, the buyer pays for a home inspection. In an ideal circumstance, both the buyer and seller would have inspections done on the home. A good seller would have a property inspection performed before listing their house for sale.
What happens if my home inspection detects foundation problems? 
These are among the costliest home repairs, so you will need to look out for anything such as unsatisfactory grading or drainage that could contribute to foundation problems. If there is significant damage that goes untreated, it can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000* to repair. Getting a thorough inspection done when purchasing a property can help you tackle the problem early, potentially saving you money in the future.  

*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites.

Get Home Inspection Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.