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Front Yard Landscaping

Your front yard is the first introduction people get into your home, so you want it to look good. Hire a professional and they will be able to carry out all those tricky and time-intensive tasks such as lawn edging and hedge trimming to keep your yard looking crisp and clean all year round.

Front yard landscaping garden costs 

The cost of your lawn maintenance will depend on the complexity of the task and how long it will take a professional to complete. Here is a quick guide to some common landscaping tasks and their average costs. 


Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing should be done regularly to keep your yard looking neat. The average cost for this service is $25-$50*.


Lawn aeration

Hiring a professional to aerate your lawn can make a big difference to the appearance and health of your outdoor space. It costs around $80-$175*.



Another essential lawn maintenance task, this should be done a few times a year and costs $200-$300* a year on average.


Leaf removal

Lawn care companies will often charge for leaf removal by the hour, plus a flat-rate fee. The average cost is $45* an hour per person, plus $50-$100* to haul away and dispose of the leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average hourly fee for a gardener?
Hiring a gardener is a great way to give your outdoor space a makeover or simply keep on top of tasks such as pruning shrubs, trimming trees and clearing paths. Hourly rates for this type of low maintenance landscaping start from $25*. 
What is garden landscaping? 
Gardening is the practice of growing plants in a garden, while landscaping is the art of organizing that garden to enhance your outdoor experience. Garden landscaping can include re-arranging plants and structures for aesthetic appeal or practical purposes in your garden. If you’ve just moved into a new home and would like to make the most of your outdoor space, you might consider hiring a landscape garden expert who can help you install features such as ponds, patios and of course beautiful flowers and shrubs.
How can I do my front of house landscaping and lawn maintenance for a cheap price? 
There are quite a budget-friendly few ways to do low maintenance landscaping. Whether you need to do some lawn edging or hedge trimming, there are always ways to cut back on expenses. You might consider using gravel instead of more expensive stones for pathways, buying eco-friendly mulch for lawn edging, and planting a very young tree in your yard instead of buying a bigger, older one. Consult with a professional, and they’ll also be able to advise on which types of flowers and shrubs are easiest to maintain in your local climate, which can cut the cost of having to replant your yard each year.

*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie's List and other national home improvement websites.


Get Front Yard Landscaping Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.