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Rodent Control

No one wants rats and mice in their property. They can pose a serious health and safety hazard, not only because they carry germs but also because they can gnaw through electric cables, causing severe damage to your home.Rodents are most likely to invade your home during the fall when they start looking for a warm place to shelter as the weather gets cooler. But realistically they can arrive at any time of year, causing you a great deal of stress and anxiety. Putting out poison or traps might get rid of a few rodents but hiring a professional exterminator can ensure the problem is resolved for good.

How it works

Whether you are looking for a rat exterminator or you have any other unwanted wildlife in your home, it is easy to find rodent removal companies in your area with the Handy platform. Just enter your postcode and fill in a few details about the problem, and we will connect you to local professionals who meet your requirements.

Rodent removal cost breakdown

The cost of removing rats, mice, or any other pests from your property will depend not only on the size of your home but also the severity of the problem.



Some pest control companies will offer a free inspection as part of their service, but others will charge extra. This can be between $100 and $120*.



The average cost of rat or mice extermination is between $150 and $200*, but costs can rise for other animals such as squirrels and moles.


Additional fees

Agencies may charge you a fee to come back and remove the dead animals from your property. You may also require follow-up visits to ensure the rodents have been completely removed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of hiring a rat or mouse exterminator?
The average cost for professional rodent removal is between $95 and $235*. Some homes may need to be treated more than once before the problem is fully resolved, which can cost $500* or more.
How will a rodent removal company get rid of the animals?
Rat and mice control companies may use classic snap traps or bait stations, which involve the use of child and pet-proof boxes containing poisoned food. For larger animals, they might use live traps, which allow for the release of squirrels, possums, and other wildlife back into the wild.
How can I stop rodents getting into my home?
Rats and mice can slip through very tiny cracks, making it difficult for humans to see exactly how they are accessing the property. Popular entry points include attics, vents, and basements, but they can even slip through water pipes. A professional pest control agency will be able to identify and seal off any entry points, although this may cost more if there are many gaps to be sealed. 
Are there any natural methods for getting rid of rats?
If you do not want to deal with dead rodents in traps or put down poison where pets or children might be able to access it, there are some other remedies you can try that might deter them. You can hire green pest control companies who advertise their services as environmentally safe.   Aside from keeping areas free from dirt and crumbs, experts also recommend peppermint, which is a safe and natural product that rats hate. Try mixing it with water and spraying it around any affected areas. Eucalyptus oil and citronella are also effective but be careful if you have pets as they are toxic to dogs and cats. 

*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie's List and other national home improvement websites.

Get Rodent Control Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.