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Pool Remodeling

Installing a swimming pool can add a great deal of value to your home and allows your family the opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Pool installation can be tricky, though. Sometimes you plan something, and it does not quite work out the way you want it to. Maybe you would like to have your existing pool retiled or add lights to it. Or perhaps you have just moved into a new home with an old, neglected pool that needs some serious alterations. Whether you are considering a pool deck remodel or just installing new decorative features, pool renovation companies can help you achieve the dream you have in mind and help you with decisions along the way.

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Swimming pool remodeling costs

Dreaming about the perfect swimming pool remodeling can be nice but touching back down to reality, you realize there may be some pretty high costs involved. You can still have the pool renovation you want – you just need to establish a budget and stick to it.

Pool renovation cost breakdown

Pool repairs

Resurfacing your pool can cost up to $5,000*, while smaller cracks can be repaired for $300* and upwards. 



The average cost to retile a pool is $600-$3,000*, depending on the size of the area that needs to be retiled and the labor costs charged by your contractor. 


Replacing steps or lights

Installing new steps costs $150-$4,500* on average, while new lights can be installed for $450-$1,700*.


Adding decorative features

Installing a waterfall typically costs $500-$15,000*, while building a grotto can cost $5,000-$10,000*.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replaster a pool?
Replastering your pool is a great way to get rid of unsightly stains, discoloration, and cracks which can all detract from the appearance of your pool and affect your enjoyment of it. The cost to replaster a whole pool is typically between $2,500 and $5,000*. 
Can I change the shape or size of my existing swimming pool? 
Yes, you can change the shape or size of your existing pool with some swimming pool remodeling. This is a significant renovation, involving roughly the same amount of work as installing a new pool. It can cost from $30,000 for a vinyl pool and upwards of $60,000 for a concrete pool. Speak to your contractor to find out more about their specific prices for this project.
How often do I need to resurface my pool?
The answer to this largely depends on what type of pool you have. Vinyl and fiberglass will need to be resurfaced approximately every seven years, while concrete is more durable but will still need work every 10-15 years to ensure your pool stays free from cracks. 

*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites.

Get Pool Remodeling Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.